You all know well of my beloved furkids and how much it takes to care for this crazy group of 5.  But do you know of my group of 19 waterkids?   I’m the mom of four large koi, nine black goldfish, 1 orange goldfish and 5 frogs.  And today we had the stressful job of pond-cleaning.  We didn’t actually do the cleaning ourselves.   We sure have stressed over having to temporarily relocate the waterkids.  It can be really hard on them.  This is such a stressful undertaking that we actually have dragged our feet in getting it done. This will be the first time we’ve had the pond cleaned since we’ve installed it . . . 6 years now.

But we finally found a pond cleaning company that we felt comfortable with and scheduled a date.  Today was that day.

2 trucks full of 6 men arrived and they quickly set up all their equipment and got this project started.  They set up these two tanks.  The one shown on the right is where they pumped the majority of our pond water into, and then our fish were caught with nets and placed inside.  The tank on the left was filled with fresh water.


The poor kids must have been so scared.


Removing all the fish gave us an opportunity to know exactly how many fish we have right now.  It’s always hard to count them when they’re swimming around.  🙂 Our waterkid family keeps shrinking.  We’ve lost many koi and goldfish to the dreaded Blue Heron who comes to our “buffet” all too often. 🙁

This is what we refer to as “Public Enemy Number 1”.  He stands about 4 feet tall.  Sometimes we will actually catch him standing at our pond, and you’d swear there was a person standing there – he’s just that big.


If you haven’t seen one in flight, they look like this.


Which causes our neighbors to call us in a panic to let us know about the pterodactyl in our yard.  See the resemblance?


I digress.

After the water was drained and the fish were transferred to the holding tank, the cleaning began.  It’s a crappy, messy job, and the guys did a great job with their power cleaning, and rinsing.


I was really concerned about my 3 resident frogs, Fernando, Francisco and Frankie.

Not only were they found, but they found 2 new ones too!  So apparently I have a Felix and a Fabian too. 🙂 Yeah! 5 froggies were found and saved!  Woohoo!


Soon the cleaning was complete, and it was time to return everyone back to the pond.

I kissed this one and put him on the rock myself.  No, he did not turn into a handsome prince, but I already have one of those. <3


Looking forward to some warmth that will get all our pond plants to grow back.  But as of this morning, the pond is beautifully clear, and the fish all seem happy and settled.


Thanks for being such brave waterkids.  <3


Written by Jennifer Cartledge


Amanda B.

Your pond is beautiful, Jennifer! We had one for about 6 years when we lived in Arizona and I found it to be so peaceful. I loved growing water lilies as well. Enjoy all of your water kids!

Fairytales & Foibles

Thank you so much! I’ll try to share a better picture of it. It’s actually more Figure-8 shaped, with the round ends on either side at the bottom of the steps coming off the deck and a bridge across the middle. It is indeed very peaceful to hear the water.


Quite an undertaking! Glad to know it all went so well!
Thanks for sharing the process & your Waterkids! <3

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