So far, so good!

The veggie garden is really doing well!  I think it thrives on all the attention it gets.  I really cram way too much into such a small space, so it will be interesting to see what I actually get out of it for edibles.  I give all the veggies lots of pep talks about getting along together, so I’m hoping that helps.   It all looks good at this point, but I’m most definitely learning as I go.



In addition to watering and pruning back and trying to train climbers to move in the right direction, there is tons of weeding that always needs to be done.


Clearly not my best side, but it gets the job done.


Love my new hose and roller that my hubby set up for me.  It makes dragging the hose down 100 feet to water the veggies so much easier.



The scallions were fabulous and are finished with for now.  I’ll plant more towards the Fall when it gets cooler.



The cucumbers are starting to appear.  I have far too many plants crammed into the little space allocated for cucumbers, so I hope they’ll be ok.



The fennel is looking great.  I have never grown fennel before, so I don’t really know what to expect.  And add the little bastard caterpillers that I’ve discovered, this fennel crop is very interesting.  But it’s really growing.



The peas are full of flowers and pods that are just starting to fatten up.



So many zucchini flowers.  I used to stuff these with cheese, then batter and fry them.  They are sooooo delicious.  But I won’t this year since we’re trying to eat more healthy.  No sign of flowers on the spaghetti squash yet, but I hope they’ll start soon.  I’m trying to train these to climb, so we’ll see how that experiment goes.  I have 10 squash plants crammed into a small space, so if I can get them to go vertical, it should all work out.



The radishes are almost ready.   I picked the first one today, but it really should have been left in just a little bit longer.

Did I mention that I don’t really even LIKE radishes?  I know I’ll love these, though.  There’s just something so amazing about growing your own food!



The eggplant and tomatoes are starting to flower.


I have no clue about these rainbow carrots.  I haven’t grown carrots before, so I don’t know when they’ll be ready to pick.  I hope it will become obvious.  These are rainbow carrots, so I’m excited.  The greens look really good anyway!



Pictured are the zucchini, spaghetti squash, peas, scallions, carrots, eggplant, cauliflower and brussel sprouts.  See what I mean?  It’s CROWDED!



The herbs are doing well, and some of the greens and lettuces are done already, but tonight we’re going to have a Looseleaf lettuce salad with our dinner.  It’s perfect today!


Keep up the good work, veggies! 🙂




Written by Jennifer Cartledge