It has been a crazy week indeed, leaving me no time to rest, let alone blog.  Nice to be home-sweet-home.

I did so well avoiding all the goodies I made for my son’s visit last week.  I stuck to the kale salad for dinners, ate lots of fruits and veggies for snacks, and was really proud of myself. Clean eating isn’t really that hard.

And then we went away for a long weekend.


I started out well for the first day.  But after that, I started down the slippery slope of dirty eating.  I had veal parmesan, a mango daiquiri, cookies, bread . . . culminating today with a lunch of a cheesesteak (solely in the interest of my ongoing research to find the best Philly cheesesteak).  It’s so much more difficult to eat clean when you’re not at home and able to control what kind of food is available.


The full, bloated, gross way I feel right now is a perfect reminder of why I like to eat clean.  In addition to being so much healthier for me, I just plain FEEL better.

This week’s menu will be super clean and healthy.

Monday:            one of my green smoothies because I’m not hungry after eating that big cheesesteak for lunch today, and also to counterbalance some of the crap of the past couple of days.

Tuesday:            Creamy Chicken Mushroom Soup (I will use a vegetable puree instead of half & half and flour for thickening and creaminess)

Wednesday:      Baked Thai Salmon with Haricots Verts and Lime Cilantro Cauliflower Rice

Thursday:          Broccoli Soup

Friday:                Sausage & Kale over Butternut Squash Noodles

Saturday:           dinner at a friend’s

Sunday:              Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breasts

I love having the soups on-hand for quick, healthy lunches all week.  I’ve got a plan. I’ve got the will.  Now let’s see if I’ve got the stick-to-it-ness.

Hubby just asked if we can go for icecream. Groan. He’s killing me.


No thank you.  I’m so much happier with my green smoothy (she said unconvincingly). 🙂


Written by Jennifer Cartledge