This will be a short blog because well, I have no heathy menu to share this week. 

We are lucky enough to have my son visiting with us for part of the week, so that means making some of his favorite things. . . all of which are not even remotely in my eating plan. 

Monday:  We’re away.

Tuesday:  I’ll pull a couple of pasta casseroles out of the freezer – Baked Ziti and a Chicken Alfredo Pasta Bake – two of Nick’s favorites. 

Wednesday: Shepherd’s Pie   Now I COULD make a version of this that would fit my eating plan, but Nick wouldn’t like it. And let’s face it, for the time that I get to have him with me, it’s really all about HIM, my heart-of-hearts, my baby boy, my favorite child that I ever gave birth to. . .  Oops, I digress. ❤️

Thursday: dinner at a friend’s home 

Friday, Saturday & Sunday: We’re  away again. 

Nick has also made requests for Monkey Bread, banana bread and Angel Food Cake. And I’m making that Jell-O cheesecake (ugh -cough, cough) with canned cherries that both he and my hubby love. 

I’m thinking of just wiring my jaw shut for the week with all this unhealthy food luring me at every turn. Yikes! 😬

No, not really of course. The trick is to make a plan when you have food land mines ahead of you. My plan is to make that awesome kale salad I had last week, and just eat that for dinners while my guys are eating the deliciously bad food. 

Yes, that salad was THAT good. It’s delicious, hearty and keeps well even after being dressed. 

Also, I’m going to have plenty of cut-up fruits and veggies on-hand. I won’t be tempted to grab the easy BAD  stuff if I have plenty of easy GOOD stuff readily available. 

It will be a challenging week for me food-wise, but getting to have time with this guy is more than worth it. ❤️  

Written by Jennifer Cartledge


Nena Rosena Dena

Your blog ALWAYS puts a smile on my face. Whether it’s your cute fun little photos with your creative wording, or just feeling your love and joy pouring through your blog–I’m always looking forward to seeing what you are up to next (even though you do make me look like a lazy wife!) LOL I’m so glad Gilda put me on your distribution list! Enjoy having your handsome son at home! xox Nena

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