One of my greatest worries is that I will not live long enough to try all the recipes I have saved.  It’s my hobby – and with all this great technology, there’s never a shortage of new and exciting recipes and ways to save them.  I probably have a couple hundred thousand recipes.  All are categorized and subcategorized for easy finding.  I’m addicted.

When my husband first came to dinner at my house before we were married and commented how much he liked something, my son replied to him “Well, that’s a shame.  Because you’re not likely to ever get it again.”  I realize I’m in the minority when it comes to meals.  I plan my menu’s out a week or two (or three or four) ahead of time.  And rarely will a meal be repeated.

Does this sound like you?


Well, I’d have to agree with this if my diet consisted of tired salads, plain grilled chicken, etc.  I think being creative with meals is especially key when you’re trying to eat healthy.  It’s so important to find some excitement in your food by adding variety to your meal plan as well as fresh, clean and interesting flavors.

If you’re short on time, all you need to do is follow a couple of meal-planning blogs.  Take 10 minutes over the weekend, choose your menu for the week, make a grocery list and then – if you’re like me – order your groceries on-line.  (I use PeaPod, but Weis and ShopRite in our area also provide similar services.)  Planning is the key to a stress-free week of healthy meals.

So here is this week’s menu in our house.

Monday:      Veggie Lasagna Stuffed Portabello Mushrooms

Tuesday:      Balsamic Chicken with Asparagus & Tomatoes

Wednesday: Beef Ragu over Spaghetti Squash

Thursday:    Blackened Fish Tacos with Avocado Cilantro Sauce

Friday:          Leftovers

Saturday:      NYC – Lusardis

Sunday:        Superbowl Food (Baked Parmesan Zucchini Sticks, Cheesesteak Stuffed PeppersPotato Skins, & Salsa with Corn Chips and Crudites

Maybe my kind of “diet” can become your kind of diet . . . clean, healthy food, with big flavors, and lots of it.


After all, absolutely nobody deserves this.





Written by Jennifer Cartledge



I’m laughing out loud at Nick’s comment about never eating the same thing twice as my Dad used to tell me that all the time. I also have lots of recipes filed by category in file drawers, books and even by year on the computer – I’ll have to leave them to you – no one else I know would appreciate them

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