This is without a doubt, my favorite time of year in my neighborhood.  I adore these trees, and this view, and I can’t help but to be filled with joy looking at this beauty.

Interestingly, this first photo was taken April 29, 2015.  The trees were a month behind where we are this year.


And this is today, April 1, 2016.


Both are good pictures, but there is a reason I like the 2nd picture so much better.

The reason is because I took it myself.

My sweet hubby took the first picture for me last year when I was recovering, and couldn’t even get out of my medical recliner by myself to get to a window to look out and see it.  He knows how much I love this, and was so sweet to think of how happy this would make me.  This year, I’m able to walk up and down this road as many times as I please and see this beauty up close and personal.  I’ve always appreciated this view for as long as this tree line has been in existence, but I have an extra appreciation for it this year.


“Are you going to just take pictures all day, or are we going to walk, Mom?”


Don’t you just love when the sky looks like this?


I always think it’s the sunbeams that radiate from God’s smile when He sees how beautiful His creations are. <3




Written by Jennifer Cartledge

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