Every year I think that just maybe, I’m getting too old to be as excited about my birthday as I always am. 

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I can’t help it, birthdays are exciting and important to me. I’m sure this is a direct result of being raised by a mom who made birthdays oh-so-special.

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 Mom always allowed me to choose my birthday dinner. She always gave me a party with my friends. 

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She always made me a banana cake with pink boiled icing and either dolls or ballerinas on top. I always got to shop for and buy a special dress from Filene’s with money that my grandmother would send me for my birthday. And I always would wear a pretty dress to celebrate. 

Not much has changed. I still like to celebrate pretty much the same way. 😊

Last year at this time, I was preparing to turn 50. As is the case with most people, this was BIG. I went through some of the usual angst, but really was fine about this big milestone birthday. After all, I was happier than I ever thought possible. I was heathy. I was in good shape fitness-wise. And I was going to celebrate my big day in Paris. I was feeling at peace about that big birthday, and very, very blessed. 


Less than 2 months later, I came very close to dying. The past 10 months have been the scariest and most difficult time of my life. While I’m not back to where I was mentally and physically a year ago at this time, I find myself especially grateful to even be having this birthday that I came far too close to missing. 

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So in my usual fashion, I’m excited about my birthday. I’ll make my special cake (which as an adult transformed into something dark-chocolate-raspberry-ish), put on a pretty dress, and celebrate my birthday with some very special friends. . . and feel ever so grateful for the blessing of this birthday that almost wasn’t. 

Written by Jennifer Cartledge



Happy Birthday Jen! Much happiness and many blessings for a beautiful lady! XO


Looking forward to your birthday pictures. You share a birthday with another special friend of mine, so it’s a happy day for me to celebrate you both! xxx


Love you post today one of the pic of you is with the cake I made you maybe 1975 or 6 in the dining area in your house in Hull. Your Mom always had great parties for you as I did for my kids, because our Mother always did the same for us. Aren’t we lucky to have such great memories. Have a wonderful super day tomorrow!!!!


I’m SO Happyto celebrate you & your Very Special Day!
Have a Fabulous Time 💖💖💖

(Another great blog! Love the pics, especially the one mentioned above!!)

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