I love tea.  It has amazing health properties for me.  No, it’s not loaded with vitamins and minerals.  It DOES contain antioxidants, but that’s not the health benefit I’m going for either.  There’s just something about the warm, fragrant mixture that just soothes my soul.  I love holding the cup of warmth between my hands.  I love feeling it make it’s way down into my stomach, spreading it’s warmth along every inch of it’s journey.  I love enjoying it in a special tea cup, and the ritual of choosing WHICH tea and WHICH cup just adds to the whole feeling of some much needed self-care.

That being said, in my 51 years of loving tea, I have accumulated a LOT of tea paraphernalia.  I have widdled down my collection many times, but still have many special pieces.  Here are a few of them.

These five belonged to my great grandmother (along with several others pictured in this blog).

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This is one I picked up antiquing many years ago.  So elegant, so dainty, so classy . . .



. . . until you add this.



I LOVE tea infusers.  I had always used the standard type of tea infusers for my loose tea until my son, Nick, who knows me so well and always finds me the most perfect gifts, started my tea infuser obsession with the cutest little rubber ducky infuser.  It would just make me laugh to see this little rubber ducky bobbing away in my tea cup.  And the fancier the tea cup, the funnier it would seem to me.  I love this whimsical mix.



From there, my collection continued to grow right along with my obsession.

This tea cup is part of an entire antique tea set that my mom gave me for my 30th birthday – except for the hippo, of course.



This is the newest tea cup for my collection, from my sweet friend GG – with my pink flamingo infuser.



Another tea cup from my great grandmother, along with an umbrella infuser – nice for a rainy day.



Nothing like a fat bald man using my antique tea cup as his hot tub.



A little scuba diver for another of my great grandmother’s tea cups.



Yes, it’s a mana-tea. 🙂  In a beautiful tea cup from Victoria Secret that Nick gave me for Christmas when he was 10 years old.



Tea-rex  in tea-cup 🙂



Yet another tea cup from my great grandmother, with a little whale.



A yellow submarine in a sweet antique store find



My most prized tea cup of all is this one.



It is so teeny tiny.  I actually have two of these, with a little matching sugar and creamer.  They are Noritake china, and were my grandmother’s playset when she was a little girl.  She told me there were actually more cups at one time, but this is what is left, and I’m so grateful to have these.  I keep this one cup in one of my Gram “shrines” I have in my home, along with some special photo’s of her in various stages of her life.



This prized tea cup comes in most handy when I have company for tea.


Not feeling well? Bad day? Hurting heart? Well, just grab a pretty tea cup, a whimsical infuser  – and a furry friend never hurts – and let that magical cup of tea go to work to soothe away any and all booboo’s.


Written by Jennifer Cartledge


Amanda B.

I love this post!! Your tea cups are so beautiful! My Mom and I enjoy collecting different, dainty cups except mine are all in storage still 🙁 The way you describe how drinking tea makes you feel, is exactly how I feel as well. Something so comforting about it! I drink tea all day long.

Jan Creedon

Wow! What an amazingly beautiful collection of tea cups, and I just love the whimsical contrast of the infusers. I may just have to start drinking tea more often!

Teresa Roland

Jen-Jen, I just LOVE this!!! I can’t tell you how many times I have came back to this and looked at your tea cups. What magical moments and memories you must have whenever you use them! Ahhh…..just take me away……….. ~*~

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