Super Bowl Sunday is like a national holiday in my house.  Not for me.  I don’t understand football, nor do I like it.   I know – that’s just unAmerican, right?  I used to suck it up, keep my husband company and watch – just for the commercials, but in the past few years, even the commercials haven’t been that great.  And to add insult to injury, it always falls either ON my birthday, or too darn close to it for comfort.


My husband however, absolutely LOVES everything about football.


Once upon a time, my husband was a very young, and very handsome college football player.


And today he is an even more handsome football player whenever he gets the chance.


On Super Bowl Sunday, my husband loves to be in his own home to watch the game without any interruptions or distractions.  And he LOVES “football” food.  Since I try hard to keep us on the clean-eating train, and also because my husband is currently still doing his best to lose his annual holiday season extra weight, I will be providing some healthier Super Bowl food this year.


Like burgers for the big game?  Me too!  Maybe we’ll have these Sweet Potato Sliders with some nice lean beef.


Maybe you’d rather some Cheese Steaks instead?  But who needs those heavy, fattening Cheese Steak subs when you can have all the flavor without the fat and calories.  Like in these yummy Cheese Steak stuffed mini peppers.


Beef isn’t your thing?  How about these Shrimp Fajitis?  Super easy and all done on one pan.


Pizza is my favorite.  I’m going to try this healthier alternative –

Cauliflower Pizza Bites


It just wouldn’t be a football game without some Buffalo Chicken Dip.  Or would it?  How about these Buffalo Chicken stuffed celery sticks?


Nachos! You have to have nachos!  Try these Zucchini Nachos!


The possibilities for healthy choices are just endless.  Use your imagination and turn your favorite fattening football food into a healthier version of itself.


Let me know what you’ll be eating for this Super Bowl!


Happy healthy Super Bowl!


Written by Jennifer Cartledge