I’ve been having a lot of fun with succulents this year, and now have quite a variety.  I also have quite a few different sedums.   These types of plants do very well in full sun, and need little water or attention.  They thrive on my back rock garden.

These groups are related, but not the same.  I could give you the scientific explanation, but then we’d both be bored, so let’s just get to the pictures.  The unique colors and shapes are fascinating.

These Senecio Jacobsenii will become more lilac and purple as the season progresses.



I love the lime-green of this Gold Moss.



This Jelly Bean will become more and more red in color.



Crassula Baby’s Necklace – hardly looks real!



Coppertone Stonecrop



Campfire Plant – will get fire red and orange colored.



Anacampseros Sunrise



Echeveria Tippy



Stonecrop is a great groundcover and has spread all over one of my banks.



This Autumn Joy and will bloom with giant mauve colored flowers in the Fall.



Tricolor Sedum



Hens & Chicks are my favorites and come in so many different colors.

img_1257 img_1317 img_1319 img_1318


Dragon’s Blood Sedum



One of my neighbors shared this piece of cactus from her garden.  She said to just place it on the dirt and it would take off.  It has nasty little nearly invisible hairs that penetrate your skin.  See those little red bumps on the top?


A few weeks later, those two little bumps have really grown!  I think she’s right – this cactus is really going to take off!



So that’s my entire repertoire of succulents and sedums.  In my opinion, they are all pretty interesting.  But I’ve been having fun with them too.

They work really well in my Fairy Garden.  I used some of the babies from the Hens & Chicks as a hedgerow.


And also as live plants in my teeny tiny fairy pots.


img_1347 img_1313


And even as a vertically gardened monogram wallhanging on my deck.



Apparently, succulents are all the rage this year.  If you’re looking for something really easy to grown, outdoors or indoors in little pots or terrariums, I would highly recommend these interesting characters.




Written by Jennifer Cartledge

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Cathy Kiley

Fun post…even more enjoyable now that I had a personal tour of the gardens!

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