Birthdays are all about getting to have your favorites, so here’s Stacy’s birthday menu.

First up was a Pomegranate Lime Martini


to wash down some seared tuna on watercress with a lime wasabi cream.


Restaurant-style beef tenderloin with balsamic mushrooms and a big baked potato . . .


. . . which surprisingly, we were able to enjoy al fresco!  Imagine that, eating on the deck during the first week of March!


The meal was wrapped up with triple chocolate cheesecake, fresh raspberries and whipped cream.


And cards and presents of course!

It was a great night celebrating another year of blessings! Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband. xo


Written by Jennifer Cartledge


Nena Rosena Dena

My mouth is watering…
You are awe-inspiring!!!
What a wonderful birthday dinner you prepared for him!
You guys are such an amazing couple–so cute! ; )


Everything looks fantastic & I know it all tasted just as yummy as it looks!
What a lovely treat to be able to enjoy it in the deck!
War looked like he enjoyed joining you for dessert 😀

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