Many years ago now, Snow Days were awesome.  I looked forward to them so much because of a special little guy.

Snow Days meant we got to stay home and have a special day together.




This guy LOVED the snow so much.  He always wanted to be out in it.  And because the snow always made him so happy and provided us a special day together, I loved the snow too.




(Incidentally, this guy still LOVES the snow).




But time has a way of going by oh-too-quickly.  And this little guy grew up and moved away.  That’s when Snow Days lost their luster for me.  I just didn’t like the cold – or the snow – any longer.

One day, we adopted an adorable new guy who stole our hearts.  And he also LOVES the snow.





Because we love him so much, seeing him experience such joy in the snow, makes us love the snow all over again.


239 Bearsnow1


Funny how loving someone so much can make you have a whole different perspective.


Written by Jennifer Cartledge

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Love you and your “boys” who love the snow. We don’t have any snow!!!

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