My number one heart-throb celebrity who I love above all others . . . Ina Garten.  I think she’s amazing on so many levels, and would love to spend time cooking and talking with her.  But in her Paris home, of course. 🙂  If you love Ina and her adorable husband, Jeffrey, you’ll enjoy this:  Ina & Jeffrey Obsession

I’m currently making my way through her recipes.  Anyone who knows my cooking style knows that a recipe is only a suggestion to me.  If I use a recipe at all, I make a bunch of changes or combine parts of different recipes to make it what I think it should be.  But not with Ina’s recipes.  I don’t mess with her recipes one little bit.  They are always perfect.

I have watched Ina make her Perfect Roast Chicken for her sweet husband Jeffrey for years on tv.  I have always dismissed this as something to try, because, well, it’s just roast chicken.  It’s one of the most simple, no-fail, basic and easy things that anyone can make, so why bother changing the way I’ve always done it?

But last night I decided to try it.  I cut a lemon in half and shoved both halves into the chicken.  I cut a head of garlic in half horizontally and shoved both of those halves in.  It was getting really crowded in there as I shoved in a bunch of fresh thyme.  I followed her recipe to a “t”.  It was super easy to throw together.  Soon the house smelled wonderful.  A little while later, the timer went off and I removed this beauty from the oven.  I enlisted my hubby to carve, I plated and we tasted it.

Ina's Chicken

I’m pretty sure this is what chickens must taste like in Heaven.  I think I even heard some angels singing as I savored that first bite.

The recipe calls for roasting this on a bed of carrots, onion and fennel which I will double next time, as I could eat just this vegetable medley all by itself – it was that good.  The veggies soak up all those herbs and chicken juices and get all cararmelized and delicious.

All I can say is that I’ll never cook another chicken any other way than using Ina’s Perfect Roast Chicken recipe.  Thanks again, Ina.


Written by Jennifer Cartledge

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I too only use recipes as inspiration and guidelines…and I’ve made this chicken just as Ina does!! It is the only time I’ve not altered something in a long time…

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