• Date Night 1-22-16

    For this week’s Date Night, we homebodies decided to go out for a change.  So you know what that means . . . time to consult with the Date Night jar. The Date Night jar was a part of a recent makeover since I got tired of my set of three plain old mason jars… Read more »

  • Finding Blessings On A Bad Day

    I feel like we’ve been walking on very uneven ground for a long time now.  Our road has been full of pot holes and jagged edges and even an occasional land mine –  and it’s just been impossible to get back to even-footing. Everything in life is so fragile.  It has never felt more so… Read more »

  • This Week’s Date Night

    Like I said, Date Night doesn’t have to be anything fancy. This week we stayed in and had a quiet night. I just lit the candles and put on the Love Songs station . . . Hubby made a cocktail We had a few appetizers while we chatted about this and that. (Seared Scallops with… Read more »

  • Guest Blogger: My Favorite Bartender

    We have a deal in this house: I cook, hubby makes cocktails.  And he’s really good at it, as they come out perfect every time. This is his magic book of secrets that he is constantly adding too, and making little notations of corrections.  (I think I need to get him a bigger, better book.) Last… Read more »

  • Date Night

    When I first started dating my husband, our relationship was so special and romantic.   I really feared that when my husband finally moved in after we got married, that everything would become ho-hum.  In order to avoid this and to try and keep our romance alive, we instituted a rule making every Friday “Date… Read more »

  • Guest Blogger: Bear Bakes Cookies

    Hello, everyone.  My name is Bear, and today, Mom let me use her kitchen to whip up a batch of delicious Peanut Butter Pumpkin Cookies with Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Icing.   After mixing together all the ingredients, it was important to do a quality control check and taste the dough.  Yup, this is good dough!… Read more »

  • Overnight Oatmeal

    I absolutely love oatmeal.  It’s filling, it’s sweet, it’s delicious and it’s healthy.  So jumping on this Overnight Oatmeal craze was a true no-brainer for me. With just a couple of minutes of prep time the night before, you can have a healthy, hearty breakfast ready to go  when you get up in the morning…. Read more »

  • This Week’s Menu . . .

    The first week of being back on the healthy-eating wagon is over.  I’m not saying it was always easy, but the results sure do make it worth it.  My hubby is down 4 pounds already and I’m down 3.  It just goes to show how badly we’ve been eating.  My hubby continues to marvel that… Read more »

  • Happy Birthday to a Special Friend

    Today is my mom’s birthday.  I know the title says “a special friend”, but that’s just what my mom is to me. She is actually a life-long friend . . . we go WAAAAY back.   She taught me all about fashion. And she taught me beauty tips. And she taught me how to have… Read more »

  • Meditation

    “Meditate” she said. “It’ll be good for you” she said.  So a few months ago, I looked into it.    Contrary to what you might think, meditation is not just something only for Buddhist monks. Not only can anyone meditate, but there are myriad benefits to your health and well-being including, but not limited to: Decrease… Read more »