• Valentines Day

    As some of you already know, Valentines Day is my favorite day of the whole year.  It’s Christmas, my birthday, and the 4th of July all rolled into one.  Yes, I am a big, affectionate, romantic smoosh, and I just adore this one day of the year when it’s ok for me to get all… Read more »

  • This Week’s Menu

    My birthday totally sabotaged my clean eating plan.   Although I thoroughly enjoyed every single (and there were a lot of them) fattening item that entered my mouth, this morning’s reading of the scale was all the proof I needed that I had overindulged. So back on the wagon today with my clean eating.  NO… Read more »

  • Birthday Fun In the Big City

    On Saturday, I was lucky enough to celebrate my 51st birthday in NYC with my husband and some really great friends.  Our full day started with a visit to Ellen’s Stardust Diner. If you’ve never been, I would highly recommend it.  The food is good, nothing special, but you don’t go here for the food…. Read more »

  • The Birthday That Almost Wasn’t 

    Every year I think that just maybe, I’m getting too old to be as excited about my birthday as I always am.  I can’t help it, birthdays are exciting and important to me. I’m sure this is a direct result of being raised by a mom who made birthdays oh-so-special.  Mom always allowed me to… Read more »

  • It’s Just a Bad Day

      Today is one of those days for me.   When life gets all topsy-turvey, as it often does, how do you find your balance? I looked in my usual first choice – the chocolate bowl, but that, not surprisingly, wasn’t the answer. I looked for balance in a run with my buddy, Bear, but… Read more »

  • This Week’s Menu . . .

    One of my greatest worries is that I will not live long enough to try all the recipes I have saved.  It’s my hobby – and with all this great technology, there’s never a shortage of new and exciting recipes and ways to save them.  I probably have a couple hundred thousand recipes.  All are… Read more »

  • A Cat By Any Other Name . . .

      CAT – /kat/ noun: a small domesticated carnivorous mammal with soft fur, a short snout, and retractile claws. It is widely kept as a pet or for catching mice, and many breeds have been developed. Who doesn’t know that?  We also know them as felines, kittens and kitties.  But what would you call this? This… Read more »

  • Move Over Rice

      Is rice your go-to starch?  It sure would be for my husband if I let him.  However, I have always shied away from eating too much rice, because, contrary to popular belief, rice is high in calories, and NOT a health food. Rice is a grain.  And a processed, highly refined grain at that…. Read more »

  • This Week’s Menu . . .

    What is it about being snowed in that causes such bad eating habits?  Or is it just me?  I’ve been doing so well on our clean-eating plan, and not feeling at all like I’m missing out on anything.  However, this snowstorm has made the likes of zoodles, apples and salad sound very unappealing.  Only a cheese… Read more »

  • Snow Days

    Many years ago now, Snow Days were awesome.  I looked forward to them so much because of a special little guy. Snow Days meant we got to stay home and have a special day together.     This guy LOVED the snow so much.  He always wanted to be out in it.  And because the… Read more »