• Date Night

    We had a lovely summer Date Night last night. The weather was just beautiful, so we started with appetizers on the deck. . . Smoked Gouda cheese with fresh garden pesto, a little baguette, some shrimp cocktail and an orange Cosmo. Then we added a few of our special friends to the dinner. After we… Read more »

  • Cup Plant

    One of the interesting plants I have in my gardens is my Cup Plant. My Aunt Loreen gave it to me from her plant at her home in NJ. I love this plant for many reasons, and the fact that it came from auntie makes it all that more special. I love how this plant… Read more »

  • This Week’s Menu

    After a week of vacation, we are both badly in need of some food discipline.  I’m a big believer of 80/20 – eat healthy and disciplined at least 80% of the time, and keep your unhealthy food choices to exceptions only, no more than 20% of your intake.  Except for vacations – vacations are always… Read more »

  • Veggie Garden

    So far, so good! The veggie garden is really doing well!  I think it thrives on all the attention it gets.  I really cram way too much into such a small space, so it will be interesting to see what I actually get out of it for edibles.  I give all the veggies lots of… Read more »

  • The Unwanted Visitors

    While checking out the garden today, I found this cute little guy on one of my fennel plants. “How pretty” you might be saying.  Well, yes, you’re right.  Kudos to God once again for creating something so beautiful and interesting. However, upon closer inspection, I found EIGHT of these cute little guys on my fennel… Read more »

  • This Week’s Menu

    After over-indulging on sandwiches, pizza and cake yesterday at my oldest granddaughter’s graduation party, we’re ready to get back on track with our healthy eating. I only need a few recipes for this week, since we’re out and about and eating at other places, so in addition to the recipes I’m planning for this week,… Read more »

  • Crazy Cat Lady

    “Crazy Cat Lady” often has a negative connotation, but I’m here to dispel that myth. I am a Crazy Cat Lady and proud of it. I know this is no news to those who know me. You don’t even have to know me WELL to realize this. Many of my conversations are about cats –… Read more »

  • Yard Sale . . . or 5 Hours of My Life I’ll Never Get Back

    Ah, there’s nothing like a yard sale.  The allure of maybe making a little fun-money, meeting new people, and all while enjoying a beautiful day outdoors is just too much to deny. Right? Wrong! Here’s the reality.  There are more than a couple of hours of labor involved in setting up all your priceless treasures,  and then… Read more »

  • Good Stuff from the Kitchen

    Some new recipes I’ve tried lately that I really enjoyed: Bacon Wrapped Grilled Peaches with Balsamic Glaze These were really different, but the sweetness of the peach against the smoky saltiness of the bacon was really a nice flavor explosion in your mouth. And with fresh basil from the garden, I liked them even better…. Read more »

  • Succulents & Sedums

    I’ve been having a lot of fun with succulents this year, and now have quite a variety.  I also have quite a few different sedums.   These types of plants do very well in full sun, and need little water or attention.  They thrive on my back rock garden. These groups are related, but not… Read more »