I have wanted to do a blog now for well over a year.  I finally got one set-up (can you say “technically challenged?”) over a month ago, and suddenly experienced brain-freeze.  What to write about?  I have lots of ideas, but for my first blog, I felt it needed to be something that would kind of define what my blog was supposed to be.

Trying to come up with a blog name was a big stumper all in itself.  “Everyday Musings of a Normal Middle-Aged Woman” just didn’t seem like a very catchy title, but basically was a pretty good description of my blog.

Let me start by saying that I am a very happy person.  I am a grateful person.  My life is truly blessed, and to me, a fairy tale.  Under the heading of “no one gets out of this life without tragedy”, I feel I have had my share.  On my very occasional pity-party moments, I feel I have had more than my share.  But I think without life’s tragedies, very few are able to truly appreciate life’s blessings as much as I do.  Sometimes I feel so blessed, I become completely overwhelmed.  It may very well be that my blog interests no one else but me.  This is fine.  The purpose of this blog is to chronicle my thoughts . . . just to have an outlet for what swarms in my head and keeps me awake at night – the good, the bad, and the ugly.  And like everything on the internet, once it’s there, it’s there forever, and maybe someday it might interest my son, or one of my grandchildren, as to just exactly what goes on in my head.

I finally named my blog “Fairytales & Foibles”.  I truly feel that my life is, for the most part, a fairytale . . . with the occasional foible thrown in to remind me to appreciate every single fairytale moment.  So go ahead Life, keep those foibles coming!

Written by Jennifer Cartledge

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Denise Harrington Pflieger

Wonderful! Can’t wait for next update!!! Your friends, Denise, Leo, Piper…and Loki

Deb Prenatt

What a great start to the New Year. Looking forward to more posts and a yummy recipe or two. Roo enjoys the cream in my coffee too!


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