Today was a perfectly lovely day.  The sun was shining, and finally giving off the warmth I’ve been craving at this time of year.  And it was the day that I got to finally meet up with some old and very dear friends.

I have literally hundreds of friends, all of whom I must say, were missed terribly last year.  I have so many friends that I knew I would not be able to visit with each and every one all in the first day out.  So I picked the Northwest corner, got down on my hands and knees, and began to reacquaint myself with one at a time.

“Hello, Periwinkle.  How are you doing?  I have missed you so, and I must say, that color of your petals looks just lovely on you.”


“Perfume Bush – yoohoo, Perfume Bush? – ah, that’s right.  You’re a late bloomer, and still sound asleep in your winter hibernation.”


“Lily!  Oh, you’re looking pretty good for this early in the year.  Please allow me fix up your hair.”


“Ah!  That’s so much better!”


“Old Lady Azalea, you’re looking quite the sight.  I’m thinking a little surgery might perk you up and give you some more years with us.”


Unfortunately, the Spinster Azaleas didn’t make it.


They are all over 20 years old, but they lived a lovely long life.  Now they have been replaced with some Weigela sisters who were in a very crowded part of the neighborhood.  “Hope you like your new home, sisters!”


“Ah.  Onion Grass.  My nemesis.  I see you took full advantage of my absence.  I know you are mighty, and that you win – EVERY SINGLE YEAR – but did you really need to invite all your friends to the party?  Grrr.  It will take me hours to shoo you all away right now.  And I know you’ll sneak back in every time my back is turned.  But I’m going to keep a close eye on you all summer!”


“And who the heck are YOU?  You’re just having one big party now, aren’t you?  Well, the party is over, and you’re all getting kicked out!” (I sure hope this wasn’t a perennial groundcover that I planted and forgot about – because it’s all gone now!)

img_0501 img_0502

“Rose!  Oh my goodness, but just LOOK at you!  When I transplanted you to this spot two years ago as just a tiny, sickly, lingering little 3-inch tall branch with a root, we thought for sure there was no hope for you.  Clearly you love the South Side!  You’re going to need a new home now that you’re too big for this spot, but have no fear, I will keep you in this South-facing location that you love.  I’m SO proud of you growing so big and healthy on your own without any help from me.  I truly cannot wait to see your gorgeous, pure white blooms!”


“Oh you adorable little Hens & Chicks . . . please allow me to clear all this mess off of you and let you breathe again.  Feel better?”


“And yes, I even missed you, my little squiggly worm friends.”


“Well, my sweet garden friends, I’m afraid that 5 hours is all the time and energy I have for you today.  You should all feel a lot better with two huge bags of weeds and trimmings removed from your heads.”


“I can’t wait to make my way around the rest of the gardens to chat with you all, and get you all cleaned up and ready.  We’re going to have a great summer together!”



Written by Jennifer Cartledge

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Barb Hansen

Love it! and love your sense of humor. I am soo overdue visiting with my ‘friends’ too especially Ivy who is partying all over the place – that lady need to get under control!!

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