This is Ron.  My son Nick chose him back in 2005 when Ron was only 4 months old, and being fostered by a friend of ours.  When we adopted Ron, he was sick – oozing eyes, runny nose . . . I couldn’t believe Nick talked me into adopting a sick kitty.  11 years later, Ron has been one of the most healthy cats I’ve ever had.




The one thing we were quite sure of is that we would change Ron’s name asap.  However, while deciding on a name for him, it became quite clear that Ron was truly a Ron.  His name fit.  Ron 007 is his full name.  We added the 007 part because Ron is sleek , handsome,  sexy and charming.  And we’re quite sure that if he could speak, he would have a wonderful British accent.

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Ron is the eldest of our kitties.  He is the alpha, but a very maternal alpha.  He has befriended every new kitty I’ve brought into our home.  Ron is sweet and patient and friendly.  He is also the most playful of all my kitties, even though he will be 11 years old this August.


Ron is the mealtime alarm.  He never lets me forgot the time.  In fact, he will start reminding me at least a half-hour prior to meal time.  He doesn’t come all the way downstairs anymore because of Bear, but he will always stick his head out of the stairwell to provide his thoughtful reminders that they are nearly starved and greatly in need of sustenance.


And when he is finally served his food, he will eat 2 bites and then decide he’s full.

Ron is such a comedian.

And always makes me laugh



And he’s such a lover.  He will often purr so hard that he gives himself the hiccups. I’ve never had another kitty who gets the hiccups.


Ron has a perfect physique.  The only cat I have who isn’t “pleasantly plump”. 🙂


Although there IS a chance that he is part frog if this favorite position of his is any indication.



Ron loves to find special places to sleep.  He sleeps on pillows . . . I think it’s his throne.

And sometimes he sleeps in his hammock. (HIS hammock because he’s the only one of the boys who actually fits here).



Unless it’s the middle of the night, and then he sleeps right on top of me.  All night long.


I adore this guy.  He loves to be with me, and even prays with me.



Isn’t he just SO handsome?  (swoon)   Everyone should be so lucky as to have a sweet kitty like Ron.


Quite possibly, Ron is the most perfect cat.  We love our Ron. <3



Written by Jennifer Cartledge

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Teresa Roland

What a(nother) great blog!! I love Ron too <3 He's SO handsome 🙂 P.S. Don't tell Leo, I wouldn't want to make him jealous 😉

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