In case you were wondering how yesterday turned out for me, I thought I’d share the day with you.  It was a cold, but very bright and shiny day.  I decided to take a field trip to find things that make me smile.

I bundled up in warm and comfortable clothes, packed up my camera, and headed out for the day in a direction I don’t normally get to.

First stop:  Starbucks for the road trip. 🙂


Grande Skinny Decaf Latte in hand, off I went in search of smiles.


I found some interesting garden centers . . . 🙂


And a new waterkid adoption place for when it ever warms up outside. 🙂



I saw a Heil truck (my maiden name) – something I haven’t seen for a while. 🙂  (I always think of this as a sign from my Dad when I see one.)



I made a stop at a place called


at the recommendation of a friend.  It was everything she said it would be.  And totally uncharacteristically of me, I had to try her suggestion of a White Lightning donut. 🙂


It was pure heaven.  🙂


I found some cards that definitely made me smile (for obvious reasons if you know me at all). 🙂


I found these Eiffel Tower measuring spoons. 🙂



I found some houses for my fairy garden. 🙂


And this bird feeder. 🙂



And I finally found rainbow carrots (which I will be planting in my garden since they’re so cool).  🙂



But the best smiles I found where when I arrived back home in the afternoon.  My hubby had left some surprises for me.  Like this balloon in the garage where I park. 🙂


and some lovely roses and messages. 🙂


Smiles also came to me in the form of sweet, supportive and thoughtful texts, messages, and calls yesterday from many of you.  Thank you. 🙂

And this brought a smile to me as well.  Ironically, yesterday’s blog, the one I most struggled with sharing, was apparently my 50th post.



There were plenty of tears yesterday, but I tried to balance them out with plenty of smiles.  This first-year mark has passed.  So after all that deliberation, I obviously didn’t acknowledge the day with any of the grand plans that had crossed my mind.  But I got through it, and that’s what’s important. I know that doesn’t mean I’ll never experience any more angst from this trauma, but I also know that there will be more good days than bad ahead.



Written by Jennifer Cartledge



I was thinking about you Jen! Glad the 1st year traumaversary is behind you. Don’t look back but move forward with life and happiness.


I love that you went out looking for smiles! Looks like you were pretty successful! SO Glad the day turned out well.

Ronnie Hess

Looks like you had a good day. Congrats!

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