We’ve had an outbreak of Gremlins in our house.


No, not that kind of Gremlin.

You know, when little catastrophes happen for no apparent reason and catch you off guard and basically try to ruin your day and always end up costing you time or money or BOTH?  We call these “Gremlins”.

Last Monday, I got home and walked through the door to find my hubby’s back side sticking out from under kitchen sink.  Ut oh.  Not a good sign (even though he DOES have a cute back side. 🙂 )

We pulled everything out only to find that something has been leaking for a long time under there.  The bottom of the cabinet was sunken in the middle and filled with inches of water.  And there was mold floating around.  Totally skeeved me out.  I hadn’t noticed because I keep all my cleaning supplies on a boot tray under there – just in case there was ever a leak.  Not only did this fill up, but it overflowed and just made a terrible mess.  So today, a week later, the leak has been fixed, but the contents of that cupboard are still sitting in boxes in my dining room.  I hate disorder, so this is really bugging me.  I’m waiting for the bottom of the sink to be  torn out and replaced so that I can be sure there is no more mold in there.

lemon1 lemon2 lemons3

Yesterday was really a wonderful day.  The sun was shining.  It was 80 degrees.  And we were outside working on our garden beds. It’s what we love to do.  And of course, I was feeling particularly happy to be healthy enough to be able to do that.  After being out there for four or five hours of hard work, I was feeling good and tired, a little sunburned and sporting a few bug bites – but feeling oh-so-happy.

And then we discovered another Gremlin.

Hubby had accidentally trapped poor Ty in the closet.  And Ty expressed his indignation by pooping in a basket full of clothes.  Yes, they were dirty clothes, but still .  .  . eeeewww.


“That’ll teach you to mess with me.”


Upon cleaning that up and taking the basket of laundry down to the laundry room, we discovered that the full-sized, very stocked freezer full of food had died.  And this big dead beast was oozing out onto our laundry room floor.

Admittedly, a few bad words DID escape my lips, but there’s no other option except . . .


I grabbed big garbage bags and lined the floor to catch all the melting ice, meat juices, strawberry and blueberry juices draining all over the place.  I grabbed more big garbage bags and started throwing away breads, cookies, pre-made meals, bags of shrimp, chicken, ground beef, fruits and veggies, and icecream.  Hubby was so upset about the waste and questioned throwing it all out, but I’m a big believer in “When in doubt, throw it out!”.  I was not taking any chances.

In the back of the freezer, we found some luck, and there was a little treasure of a bunch of filet mignon, pork tenderloin, pork chops, ground beef and tuna filets!  Yeah! Thawed, but still very cold.  There was still no way we could eat all of that, and you can’t re-freeze, so I was happy that a friend was willing to take some of it off my hands.

So you know that great meal plan I had set up for the week?  Yup – out the window.


I spent the morning cooking: seared tuna filets, filet mignons, bolognese, etc.  I got to cook, which makes me happy.  The fact that my hubby is going to get to eat filet mignon for a couple of days this week makes him ecstatic.  The fact that Bear gets to eat filet mignon makes him ecstatic too.

There’s just no sense in getting upset about these things.  Stuff happens.  You just have to deal with it and move on.  After all, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping – and nobody died.   <3


Written by Jennifer Cartledge

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Well they (whoever “they” are) say things happen in 3’s. It sounds like you just had your 3! So hopefully the gremlins have departed!

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