The weather has been so dreary lately.  Damp, dark and chilly.  For days on end now. And many more days of this same dreariness in the forecast.

The beds are finally all cleaned up, weeded, edged and mulched. I’m going to have to go out in the rain soon and pull weeds again, as these buggers keep coming up and we haven’t had a dry day to get at ’em.  I’m chomping at the bit to get my veggies planted.  I want to get my patio pots planted with my new flowers.  But Mother Nature seems to be stuck in a rut.

So in the meantime, I thought I’d share some of our garden whimsy.  I love adding whimsical pieces to the garden.  Not only do they add color and interest and fill in the gaps while waiting for the plants to grow and flower, but they will look totally different as the gardens mature over the course of our growing season.

Step into our gardens . . .


a glass birdhouse that also keeps a little kitty dry.



our Frog King hose guard



a tin heart spike planter



cat wind chimes



I just love this beaded crystal plate bird feeder.



a rusted metal kitty



a wobbly spring-head kitty



a pretty new light tops our lamp post that our clematis are already climbing



a kitty statue to memorialize my angel kitties whose ashes are buried here



This ornate metal decoration came from my hubby’s previous home.



a rusted Himalayan kitty



Little rocks with meaningful words are scattered here and there.



This trellis on the back of the house will soon have a new friend.  I have a new Trumpet Vine to climb here.  It’s an orange-flowered perennial.



This is a piece I made this year from pretty dishes I found.  I love glass and dishes and this is just another way to get to use them.

img_0912 img_0909


oh what a surprise! – yet another garden kitty.



This is another piece I made for our backyard.



And this is my very favorite!  Meet our Garden Girl, or Gigi as we call her.  She is the protector of our vegetable garden.


Even the veggie garden is whimsical.  (More on the veggie garden later!)


All of this makes me SO happy!  Even on the eleventeenth dreary day in a row.

Still to come: we’re working on our fairy garden.  We have many of the elements ready to go, but we still are looking for just the right weeping dwarf tree and hedge row.  And now we have to wait until we have the new roof put on and the house siding replaced where this garden will go.

Stay tuned!






Written by Jennifer Cartledge

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