It’s been three weeks since my last virtual garden tour.    The gardens are really starting to look beautiful.   Not only have WE been really busy working to get the gardens ready for Summer enjoyment, but Mother Nature certainly has been busy too.  Take a look . . .

The Japonica is all rosey red and in its prime right now.



The azalea and whatever that yellow flower is called (I can never remember its name!) are blooming.



As are the brunnera,  and very soon the many shade Irises will join them.


The Lily of the Valley are amazing this year.  Obviously they like their location, and I must have about a hundred or more of these little gems popping up now.  The scent is so sweet!



The clematis is climbing higher every day, with little buds forming on it.  The sweet woodruff is quickly taking over, which I’m fine with!  It’s a beautiful ground cover for the shade, and just means we’ll need less mulch every year – a definite goal of ours with the amount of garden space we have now.


Always one of my favorites is this bleeding heart.  I keep hacking at it, and it just gets bigger overnight.  I just love the little flowers on this.  They remind me of little girls with their pink hair curled up on the ends.

Can you see what I mean?  Or is my flower imagination just carrying me away?


I planted thyme between some stepping stones.  I’m hoping it all fills in the spaces completely.  Then when you walk on it you get a wonderful herby fragrance of fresh thyme.



This is another ground cover taking over.  I love this one.  It’s called lamium and seems to be quite brave venturing out from it’s supposed preferred shade areas to take over some sunny spots.  Keep going lamium – less weeding and mulching needed from me!



My hubby built this adorable little wall to finish off Bear’s yard nicely.




And it only took Bear a day to make himself quite at home by burying his bone in the new space.


“What do you mean I can’t bring my bone in the house?”



This is snow-in-summer – a beautiful silvery plant that has beautiful white flowers in the Spring and again later at the end of Summer.



The peony and poppy buds are getting so full and I’m sure will explode with color before too much longer.


The salvia and tangerine geum are in full bloom and add so much color to the rockscape.


Today I was in my happy place up to my elbows in dirt, turning our stockpile of flowers in the garage into wonderful potted spots of color for the patio. (And my hubby is so happy to be able to get his car back into the garage).



I even was able to re-pot my hanging baskets into these more natural looking hangars without breaking them.


I’m very anxious to see what this one does – it’s Night Jasmine and will only bloom and emit a beautiful fragrance at night.  Fingers crossed for this one!  It gets a special place of honor in my giant cat pot.



The veggie garden is really starting to come alive too!  I’m so anxious to plant my tomatoes and peppers, but there are still too many cold nights in our forecast.  So I’ll wait oh-so-(im)patiently for a couple more weeks to put these into the ground.

The peas are really starting to make some progress, as are all the lettuces and greens.


Even the fennel is finally making an appearance.  The rest of the herbs are settling in nicely to their new home.


And just look at this teeny tiny cauliflower!  Isn’t it so cute?!



And we’re already eating ONIONS!  Woohoo!  An onion never tasted better . . .



Finally our outdoor living area is open and ready for the Summer.  Today is the first beautiful day we’ve had since March, so I put out all the cushions and cleaned it up.  Hoping to have a drink here tonight with some friends if the temperature doesn’t drop too quickly before they get here.


And just when I thought I was finally finished with a long day of working hard in the yard, the mail arrived and brought my package of new succulent babies from California.  I’m off to the gardens again to quickly get these snuck into the ground before my hubby gets home and sees MORE things to plant.  🙂


But I know he won’t REALLY be upset with me.  He loves how happy my gardens make me, and he loves our beautiful yard too.  I think I’m enjoying it so much more than usual this year because I’m ABLE and ALIVE – something I just won’t ever take for granted again after a long, difficult past year.




Written by Jennifer Cartledge



Wonderful Post! All your hard work really is paying off & I know it will continue to just get more & more beautiful as the season continues! I think I may have to come spend some time under your pergola enjoying a specially made cocktail later this summer! 💖

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