Yes, I have a LOT of gardens on my property, and YES, I spend a LOT of time trying to care for them.  So you might think I’m a good gardener, but really, I’m just winging it.  I have some failures mixed in with all the successes. There are so many mysteries in the gardens, and I ponder them constantly.

For instance, I planted one of these:


with one of these


and now I have these as well.


Mind boggling to me that these clematis plants left on their own have created a whole new color.


And why does this lavender plant take so freaking long to come out of it’s dead-looking phase?


At this high-point of the growing season, it still only looks like this.



Yet my gorgeous peonies who bloomed magnificently just days ago, are already starting to die off way too quickly!



How did such an amazing design as this ever become possible?


or this?


or this?


I could go on forever.


And why-oh-why can I not keep these intruders away?  I JUST finished weeding and they keep coming back!


“So what?” you say.  Well, this is when they’re small and not so nasty. But they turn into this:


See their little mean heads poking up all over the place and around my Lamb’s Ear?  They make me crazy.  But this is the ultimate insult:


They’re infiltrating the fairy garden!  Those two tall guys behind the big house are 2-day-old, mean old nasty weeds!  And my onion grass in a few other beds is just as relentless in its attempt to drive me crazy.  Just what is it in weeds that makes them so resilient?  I can’t kill them off no matter what I do, yet I can nurture some plants with the utmost of tender loving care and STILL end up losing them.  Like this:


This is what’s left of my big, beautiful white rose bush.  We relocated it, and it clearly expressed it’s displeasure.  I’m doubtful this will recover, but it has “died” twice before and come back in the 14 years I’ve had it.  I keep talking to it with the best pep talks I can concoct, but so far, I’m just getting the cold shoulder.

I know there are scientific reasons for all of these things, and I’m sure there are any number of countless sources I could go to to learn of them.  However, I prefer to think of all of these as a combination of God’s amazing creativity – and also his sense of humor – along with a good measure of good old garden fairy magic.


Written by Jennifer Cartledge