I have loooked forward to the start of 2016 for months now.  2015 was one of my very worst years.  I have been telling myself that a fresh start in 2016 is just what I need, and the answer to all my prayers.  However, I have also been trying to temper this feeling with the fact that a new calendar year isn’t necessarily going to fix everything instantly.  But what a new calendar year HAS done for me is to give me HOPE – hope that I can improve myself, and get back to where I used to be before the accident.

The new year is a time when just about everyone vows to make some changes in their life.  Today is the day for me to implement some much-needed changes in my life.

First and foremost, I’m jumping back on my healthy-eating wagon.  I fell off 9 months ago when the accident happened, and just never got back on.  Same goes for exercise.  I miss my workouts, and now that I’ve had my “green light” from my trauma doctor, I’m getting back to it.  The eating plan I can jump back into strictly, but I know I have to go easy with the exercise and listen to my body.  I know that both of these things will help my head.

Next is my head – the emotional and mental part – much more difficult to control than the physical changes I’m making.  I’m going to continue to TRY and get my PTSD and depression to GO AWAY.  What bothers me the most is this:



I’ve lost so much in the past 9 months, and I just don’t want to lose out on any more by letting this nightmare control me.

So welcome 2016!  Let’s do this.


Written by Jennifer Cartledge

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