This past weekend my husband and I had the pleasure of spending the weekend with several of his fraternity brothers and their wives.  That alone is a nice enough thing all on its own, but it goes so much deeper than that.  You see, my husband graduated college in 1970 with these guys.  That’s almost 46 years ago.  I find this bond so amazing.  It’s so very special to have an old friend, but this is a group of 6 guys, and their wives, who have remained close for their entire lives.


We try to get together at least yearly, sometimes more than that, and talk for hours catching each other up on everything.  It is just a joy to hear them reminiscing about all of their shared experiences over the years.  They talk and laugh about their hijinks of pledging to Kappa Sig and all the adventures they had in college while getting themselves, and very often each other, to graduation.  I swear their stories would make a good movie.




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They know each other so very well, as any group of people who have supported each other through all the ups and downs of life – marriages, births,  deaths, triumphs and tragedies – would.  All of these men have so many things in common.  First and foremost, they’re simply just really good guys.  All have had successful careers.  All have become fathers and some are even grandfathers.  All of them married, and none of them have divorced.  My husband is the only one not still married to his original wife, but that is because he sadly lost her to cancer.   And because this group is so kind to each other, these guys and their wonderful wives, were happy for my husband when he found love a second time.  They have been nothing but welcoming to me from the very first day I met them.  I feel very blessed to be enfolded into this group of special people.


What is the magic that has held this special group together for so long?  Would they have been this close had they just been college friends?  Is it because they were part of a fraternity?   Personally, I think it must have something to do with being part of a fraternity, and knowing that as a fraternity brother, you’re part of something bigger than just yourself.  Your actions, good or bad, reflect on your fraternity brothers and your house and your chapter.  They kept each other in check, and helped each other to become really good adult men.


How special and lucky to have even ONE friendship that lasts a lifetime.  To have SO MANY friendships like this, well, I think it’s just an amazing blessing – and a blessing I am so fortunate to be a part of.





Written by Jennifer Cartledge

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