I feel like we’ve been walking on very uneven ground for a long time now.  Our road has been full of pot holes and jagged edges and even an occasional land mine –  and it’s just been impossible to get back to even-footing.

Everything in life is so fragile.  It has never felt more so than these past months.  Every single thing that we become comfortable with, at some point, becomes an uncertainty.  Things transform, or even vanish.  These changes are never easy.

Change is rarely comfortable.  Change is scary.  It makes you feel helpless.  Change causes feelings of insecurity and a lack of control.


But the one thing I have learned repeatedly, is that life goes on.  How we deal with change IS within our control.  We can face it positively and bravely. We can remind ourselves that we are not the first to be placed in these circumstances, and most importantly, we can remind ourselves that others have survived the very things we are being challenged with.

We should – and will –  focus on all the new and unknown opportunities that lie ahead.  And most importantly, we can find and cherish our blessings.  We always have blessings to count no matter what.

So right now,  we’ll hunker down together, and we will count our greatest blessing of all. . . the one constant in our lives – our love.  We are so blessed to have each other to hang on to for balance, and to support one another on each unsteady step of this bumpy road called life.


Written by Jennifer Cartledge

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Hang in there. We love you and are always here if you need anything!!
I was sorting thru some things and found a photo of Mimi, Aunt Florence, Aunt Mildred and their father George Kissel – probably a hundred years ago at least. I was charmed. (little things mean a lot)


Beautifully expressed.
You are both so strong & together, strengthened by your love, even stronger still.
Always remember `~ This too shall pass.💖


Beautiful writing and so true💗 thanks for the much needed reminder

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