This time of year allows me to visit some of my favorite places – greenhouses and nurseries.  The experience of being amidst so much lushness of green and vibrant colors and smelling so much sweetness – both the fragrance of some flowers as well as the sweet earthiness of dirt – can lift my spirits like nothing else.

I was able to visit many of these this past week.  Last weekend, my aunt took me to lovely pond greenhouse.  It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  They has a vast assortment of pond plants and it was so warm inside on a day that really was trying to be dreary, cool and rainy.

img_0688 img_0689

I found a couple of treasures to bring home to my hubby for his pond.  They are happily making themselves at home amongst the current residents who are just waking up from their long winter naps.


On Tuesday, my hubby and I took a field trip to the mother of all greenhouses.  We visited Miller Greenhouses in Wallingford, PA. This place is owned and operated by very dear friends of ours, Chuck & Rosemary Miller, and now their son, Danny too. Chuck and my hubby are fraternity brothers. They are so knowledgeable and have a fantastic business. Getting to see them is part of what makes this place so special.  The other part is that this place is made up of 14 greenhouses.  Can you imagine?  WOW!  I went with my list in hand, but still insisted on taking my time perusing every inch of each and every greenhouse.  I just couldn’t wipe the smile from my face!  My hubby sweetly followed along with me for a while, carrying my selections to a table where we were starting to accumulate a good-sized collection.  Eventually, I wore him out, and he went to visit with his friend, where he would happily watch me sneak back by to add plant after plant to our collection on the table.  Some people were kidding with him, telling him he should be getting nervous about how much I was accumulating.  He sweetly replied to them something along the lines of “anything that makes my wife look THAT happy is worth it”.  (Have I mentioned before that I have the best hubby ever?)

img_0703 img_0721

Oh, can’t you just FEEL the magic?

img_0714 img_0710 img_0717

We loaded up the car – just barely fit everything.

img_0722 img_0723

And ever since that day, the weather has been so cold, damp and dreary that we have been taking care of all of these fragile babies. We put them out on days when there is sun and a modicum of warmth, and then back into the garage every evening. . . no small job with this many new babies.img_0753

C’mon Mother Nature! Please send us some warmer weather so we get these babies planted.



Written by Jennifer Cartledge