We have been planning, dreaming and scheming about a blank section of our garden for months now.  Well, it wasn’t originally blank, but we didn’t like the overgrown plants that had taken over this section, so we had them all yanked out, leaving us a blank canvas to work with.


We decided to put a fairy garden in a portion of this area, and worked the rest of our plan from there.  So after much searching on the internet for ideas, and drawing up some plans


and searching through many garden nurseries for ideas

and turning my dining room into a disaster area of a workplace to create original, more rustic looking fairy houses than all the pre-fab cookie cutter ones we found readily available . . .

IMG_0807 img_0281 img_0280

We finally put it all together.


It was so nice to finally put all the accumulated pieces together and get them out of the dining room and the garage.  So – VOILA!  The fairy garden is officially open and accepting all new applications from any fairies looking to relocate.



img_1172 img_1179 img_1180 img_1182

Please don’t even pretend to be surprised that we have fairy kitties.

img_1183 img_1181 img_1177 img_1178 img_1171

It’s a new construction fairy development with new landscaping, so it will take time to mature.  But if you know of any fairies looking to relocate, please send them our way.  It’s a lovely neighborhood.


Written by Jennifer Cartledge


JoAnne Buckler

Absolutely love your fairy garden. Do you have pictures from your fairy garden in NY?

Fairytales & Foibles

I wish! We just pretended with sea shells and little trinkets, I think. I barely remember it unfortunately, but I DO remember that the fairies used to move things around all the time!

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