Today we enjoyed a lovely Easter, full of all the things that symbolize the day.



We started off our celebration of Easter by dressing up in our Easter clothes and attending church.


The Easter Bunny brought a few little goodies while we were gone.

We munched a quick appetizer . . .


(No judging, please.)

. . . then headed out to meet some of the family for brunch.

Where we got to see these faces. <3

We sure do love these sillies!

and these sillies, too! <3

We’ll finish out our sweet day enjoying this Spring Vegetable Lamb Stew that is bubbling away on the stove.


I hope you had an Easter day filled with all good things, too.  Wishing you a Blessed and Happy Easter!


Written by Jennifer Cartledge



Another really lovely post, Jen!
Can’t believe how big the kiddos are getting, especially the girls! Reese is becoming a very pretty young lady already!
Did they go crazy over the Oh So Pretty & Colorful Cupcakes in a jar?!?

Fairytales & Foibles

They were very excited to take them home. But they loved their Easter bags I made for them with all kinds of little toys, goodies and puzzles. Kasey had them all matching . . . the girls both had matching bright coral dress outfits, and the boys had golf shirts with a coral stripe going through the chest. They were so good for a 2-hour brunch!

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