My youngest granddaughter, Brynn (5), inherited her big sister’s (Reese, 11)  American Girl doll.  Brynn was so thrilled to take possession of Chloe that she decided to throw her a last-minute birthday party to celebrate that very night.  Soon I received this in a text from Brynn’s mom:

That just made my whole day.


Do I want to go to the party? Oh, do I ever!  I love playing dolls and everything that goes along with that – almost as much as I love Brynn.  Of course I wanted to go!  However, after talking to her mom, it turned out that the party was right at that very moment.  We live about a half hour apart, and I already had dinner in the oven, so, to my disappointment,  I couldn’t go.  Instead, I invited Brynn and Chloe out for breakfast a few days later to celebrate Chloe’s birthday.

Well everyone knows you can’t go to a birthday party without bringing a present for the guest of honor.  So I set to work on making a poncho for Chloe.  And then decided to make a matching one for Brynn.


Brynn was very excited and all ready to go when I arrived to pick her up.


And so was Chloe.

Yes, that’s her tucked inside her special backpack carrier.


We were seated at our table, and a booster seat was brought over to make Chloe more comfortable.


Chloe shared some of Brynn’s biscuit and scrambled eggs, and even tried some chocolate milk.  Brynn said Chloe never eats much, and she’s allergic to macaroni and cheese.  I guess she thought I needed to know that. 🙂


And then Brynn told me that Chloe would like me to take her picture again.

. . . apparently so that she could give Chloe bunny ears.


Then it was time for Chloe to open her present.  Brynn asked me to please help her read the card to Chloe.

“Happy Birthday, Chloe!  I hope you and Brynn have so much fun together!  Love, Grandma Jen xoxo”


Brynn and Chloe really liked their matching ponchos.  Brynn hasn’t had a poncho before, and she kindly and patiently told me that while she thinks I’m so creative to make things, she thinks I forgot that she has arms.  I tried to explain to her that that’s how ponchos work, “But what do I do with my ARMS?” she asked me as she flailed her arms around under the poncho. 🙂

I think they both looked adorable in their matching ponchos.


Brynn never stopped talking the entire time.  I love hearing her tell me everything about school, from her upcoming Crazy Hair Day and Twin Day, and her plans for both of those things. She told me that she’ll be starting spring soccer soon.  She told me of how she wants to be in newspapers and magazines when she grows up.  She talked and talked and talked, and I just loved every minute of it.


Soon it was time to go.  EVERYONE got buckled in.


Thanks for inviting me to celebrate Chloe’s birthday, Brynn.




Written by Jennifer Cartledge


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