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When I first started dating my husband, our relationship was so special and romantic.   I really feared that when my husband finally moved in after we got married, that everything would become ho-hum.  In order to avoid this and to try and keep our romance alive, we instituted a rule making every Friday “Date Night”.

Setting Fridays as our Date Night sounds really cute, but it’s important for several reasons.  First of all, it ensures that however busy the week is, we still find time to focus on each other and reconnect.  By making Date Night a priority, we show each other how much we value our relationship.  Also, it’s one more way to keep our commitment to each other strong.

Date Night doesn’t have to be anything big, fancy or expensive.  We stay in so much more than we ever go out.  Sometimes we have a special event or a theme.  Sometimes we do something extra special.  But the one consistent part:  all week long, we have Friday night at 6:00 to look forward to.

Our friends no longer even ask us to do things with them on Fridays.  Some friends have started planning their own Date Nights.  And I can’t tell you how many times I get asked “What are the plans for Date Night this week?”.  I thought it might be fun to share my weekly Date Nights in my blog.

Date Night isn’t just a date set on the calendar for us to go out.  Date Night is a state of mind.  It’s about making our time together meaningful with the focus being just on each other.  Personally, I don’t think Date Nights are a luxury.  I think they’re essential.  By putting in the time, effort and attention, we keep our relationship healthy and magical.

7+ years later, we’re still holding Date Night sacred. And 7+ years later, our relationship is even more special and romantic.

Time to end this blog . . . I have to get ready for Date Night. <3


Written by Jennifer Cartledge

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Cathy Kiley

Think Tom and I are gonna follow your lead…used to do dare night when he was always traveling. Fell out of it. Gotta go back to date night…thanks, Jen

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