Paint parties seem to be all the rage these days.  We have tried it before, and it was actually a lot of fun.  This was an opportunity to participate in a paint party (Bottle & Bottega Lehigh Valley) being held in a local Irish pub (McCarthy’s Red Stag Pub & Whiskey Bar) – as a fundraiser for our local animal shelter (Center for Animal Health & Welfare) – AND as an opportunity to paint portraits of our pets – well, that was just too good of an offer to pass up on.

Having a rather large selection to choose from, we decided on our subjects carefully. My hubby chose Bear of course.  I chose Ron.  Because he is only one color, and I have absolutely minimal artistic ability. 🙂

30 people arrived, all with photos of their pets in-hand, and settled in for drinks, half-price burgers, and some much-needed painting instruction.


I could only hope this beer would help my painting skills. 🙂  My hand was shaking before I even got started.


My artistic hubby got straight to work, of course, totally focused on his project.




We only had about two hours to complete our paintings.  My hubby really did a great job on Bear’s face and fur.  My Ron looks more like a cartoon.  Thank goodness our pets are actually so much cuter in person than our attempts turned out.  🙂

Full of good food (I had an amazing burger with bleu cheese and onion jam!) and a whole lot of fun, we proudly showed off our finished masterpieces.





It was a really fun Date Night!  Of course now we have to go buy three more canvases, some brushes and paints, and create masterpieces of the rest of our gang.  We can’t possibly show any favoritism.  <3

Written by Jennifer Cartledge