We had a lovely summer Date Night last night.

The weather was just beautiful, so we started with appetizers on the deck. . . Smoked Gouda cheese with fresh garden pesto, a little baguette, some shrimp cocktail and an orange Cosmo.

Then we added a few of our special friends to the dinner.

After we gave them a special soak in the hot tub, they made it to the table just in time for dinner.

We added my favorite salad – shaved asparagus with toasted pistachios, shavings of ricotta salata, and a light lemon vinaigrette.

And one of our favorite champagnes.

Then we topped off the whole meal with a skinny chocolate cheesecake.

I just love Date Night! But that’s probably because I’m blessed to always have the BEST date. ❤️

Written by Jennifer Cartledge