For this week’s Date Night, we homebodies decided to go out for a change.  So you know what that means . . . time to consult with the Date Night jar.

The Date Night jar was a part of a recent makeover since I got tired of my set of three plain old mason jars sitting on my dining room server.  A second jar is a Job Jar for projects that need doing in the house.  The last jar is for Places to Go on weekends when the weather prohibits the golf course being playable and we actually have an opportunity to do something together.

IMG_8154  Aren’t they cute?


My hubby gets to blindly select one of the pieces of paper in the Date Night jar that has the name of a yet-untried restaurant for us.  Last night he drew Southside 313.


FullSizeRender (7) IMG_8126


It was a nice-looking place that advertised a Pickletini as one of it’s signature drinks.  The menu said “vodka, vermouth and homemade pickles and pickle juice.”  Heck, I love all of those.  With thoughts of a Dirty Martini, only with pickle instead of olive, I adventurously ordered one.




“Um, why is it red?” I asked.  “Sriracha” was the answer.  Ut oh.  I immediately knew I wasn’t going to like this.  One sip later confirmed it.

My hubby ordered a different martini along the lines of a pomegranate martini, but again, the menu neglected to list some of the ingredients, so it turned out to be a bland cocktail – another flop.  We had already ordered some sandwiches, which were just OK.  On a good note, the french fries were excellent.

In less than an hour, we were out of there.  Even though this didn’t turn out to be a place we enjoyed and would go back to, the company was great.  Being with my hubby makes everything more fun.

Soon we back home where the bartender always makes perfect cocktails.

Now this is my favorite kind of Date Night.


Written by Jennifer Cartledge