One of the interesting plants I have in my gardens is my Cup Plant. My Aunt Loreen gave it to me from her plant at her home in NJ. I love this plant for many reasons, and the fact that it came from auntie makes it all that more special.

I love how this plant is tall and strong and grows in size every year. It has a beautiful very dark green stalk with huge leaves that hold the rain in big visible water droplets.

It just bloomed this week with its first flower. It flowers profusely before long – bright, beautiful yellow-gold flowers.

I just love these happy flowers.

You can see by the first picture that it blooms outside of a window. This is a smaller window in my family room.

Last year when I was so very sick and couldn’t do much more than sit in my medical recliner all day, this was the only part of my garden I was able to see. I can’t even tell you how happy this flowering Cup Plant made me.  One of the many things I missed last year was playing in my beautiful gardens.  I felt like these flowers were peeking in the window and smiling at me.

I love how this plant now shows me just how far I’ve come. Thank God for this new and better year.

Welcome back, beautiful Cup Plant flowers. It’s SO nice to see you from the outside this year. ❤️

Written by Jennifer Cartledge

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Barbara Hansen

Love the history of this plant for you and that it was a comfort to you last year xxx

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