(beh shayrt’) – a Jewish word meaning “meant to be”.

While shopping online for a special dress to wear for a black tie optional wedding we have coming up later this year, I found a formal gown on the Lord & Taylor website that I had simply fallen in love with.  The style was not too young, not too old, not to blingy, not to shiny, not to flashy, not to trashy – it was JUST right.

Never being one to pay full-price for any article of clothing, I waited a few weeks, and soon enough, there was a Friends and Family sale.  I tried the coupon code, but it would not work.  I got a customer service rep on the phone who confirmed that indeed, this dress was exempt from the sale.  Boo.

My hubby told me to just get the dress, that I never spend extravagantly, and to just get it and be done with it.  Stubbornly, I gave up on this dress, knowing I have lots of time yet to find the right dress.

That was about a month ago.  Today I had a little time to kill while meeting some friends from out of town for lunch.  I had forgotten there’s a Lord & Taylor at this mall until I drove by looking for parking.  I do love L&T’s dress selection, so I thought to just stop in and check out their sale rack.

I got off the escalator and went to the formal dress department.  They have their dresses hung by color, so I thought I’d just peruse the black dresses next to the sale rack.  Well, didn’t they have my dream dress?!  They had just one of them, and it just happened to be a size 8.

Since I did have some time to kill, I went in to the dressing room and tried it on.  It fit like it was made for me.  Oh my goodness, but then and there, I decided this dress was going home with me.

I took it to the cashier who hung it on a hangar,  wrapped it up nicely in a garment bag, and then carefully put it into a shopping bag.  And then she said “Oh, I have a coupon here”.  I didn’t get excited, knowing that this dress was exempt from the coupons.  Sure enough, the coupon didn’t work.  But then she said she would just override it.  She hit a few buttons and lo and behold – she gave me 20% off the dress!  Woohoo!  Like Christmas and my birthday and winning the lottery all in one!

Isn’t she soooooo pretty?


As my friend told me at lunch, there’s a Jewish word for this: Bashert. . . meant to be.

Truly, this dress was bashert.  Now, to just find some awesome bashert shoes.  🙂





Written by Jennifer Cartledge



Simply elegant and that’s what you will be! Well done!


So glamorous! It reminds me of the black evening gown that I had for my Barbie doll! You will look beautiful wearing it! Good find!


Yes Jen! Finding that dress in that store, on that day was truly bashert, as are all of the people we meet in our lives. It was bashert that we met you through the pages you lovingly put together and have brought so many people into it that would never otherwise have connected. These meeting are not chance. Coincidence? I think not. Bashert!

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