It’s Date Night. And even though we don’t have even a teeny tiny bit of Irish between the two of us, it seemed a good idea to set an Irish theme to a Date Night that occurs on St. Patrick Day.


In his usual fashion, my resident bartender grabbed the Irish whiskey. . .


and whipped up a pre-dinner cocktail called the Irish Mule.


It was very refreshing!


I decided to take a different approach to the usual corned beef and cabbage dinner, and made some Irish tapas.


I grilled these wee little reuben sandwiches on little 2×2 party pumpernickel bread.  Yes, we ate this entire platter.


And who could eat corned beef without cabbage?  So we had these wee little cabbages . . . or brussels sprouts as they’re better known.


To round out the Irish party meal, we also enjoyed some wee little Shepherd’s Pies.


In order to make them stable enough to pop out of the pan, I used a base of pastry crust. For the filling I used some frozen mixed veggies, ground beef, and mixed up a little gravy.  Then I topped them off with some mashed potatoes.  They were delicious, and my hubby is happy to have some leftover for lunch.


For dessert, we had another cocktail, courtesy of my husband.  This was called an Irish Martini . . .

. . . a delicious combination of espresso, vodka and Irish Cream.


All in all, a lovely wee little St. Patrick’s Day Date Night.



Written by Jennifer Cartledge

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