Today I was blessed with a perfect morning. My sweet husband told me he was going to walk Bear and then feed all the animals for me, and that I should just keep sleeping. I really appreciated this as I haven’t slept much at all this past week. My hubby kissed me as he left, and I went right back to sleep, blissfully surrounded by all four kitties. 

A little later I was awakened by the sounds of breakfast being served for the kitties. A choir of four different kitty voices started to sing their excitement at the obvious arrival of Dad carrying a tray of their bowls full of breakfast. My hubby served them, and then surprised me with a cup of tea. He brought coffee for himself, as well as the newspaper. 

For those who don’t know, our kitties eat in our bedroom because of our split home.  We have a gate on the stairs, keeping our dog downstairs and allowing the kitties to feel safe upstairs.  In the 5 years we’ve had Bear, we’ve never been successful in getting Simon and Bear to get along, and we certainly don’t want anyone to get hurt. 

After the kitties finished eating, my hubby got back into bed. We put HGTV on the tv, sipped our drinks and read the paper, with all the kitties of course. Some of the boys love to lounge on newspaper, so we had to grab some of the sections we don’t care about to spread out for their comfort. Ty got the auto section, and Leo got the comics. Ron and Simon don’t care about the newspaper. 


Well, I guess I was wrong about that. Simon decided he wanted newspaper too. 


Leo needs a LOT of newspaper. 

We were all snuggled in for a relaxing morning, but something was missing. Actually, someONE was missing. 

That’s right – Bear. <3

With all the kitties safely in bed, we opened the gate and brought Bear up with us.  Leo grumbled, Ron’s eyes got big as saucers, and Simon’s fur stood up as he hissed.  Ty never even flinched of course, because Bear is his buddy.  

Bear did his usual excited loop around, sniffing everything, checking out kitty toys and hoping that someone left some cat food he could steal (no such luck with my piggies).  Of course he had to check out the kitty window seat too. 

And then this happened. 

A MIRACLE! Our whole family in bed at the same time together! ❤️ Bear was a perfect gentleman and totally respected the kitties. I couldn’t have been happier. 


Good boy, Bear. 

And thank you to ALL my guys who made this special, relaxing and happy morning possible. Especially the big, non-fuzzy one. (OK, you’re right – even my hubby IS a little fuzzy too!) ❤️


Written by Jennifer Cartledge


Judie B

And they lived happily ever after. Nice morning Jen and the animals are adorable as usual. Penne likes to be on the newspapers too

Barb Hansen

Just wonderful, I love reading your stories Jen! I also just realized that Leo’s fur is like Benny’s was, beautifully long and silky. What a beauty he is! They all are, but you Leo has that special place in my heart <3

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