Once upon a time, I splurged on eight Giant Allium bulbs. In the Fall of 2005, I spent $4.50 a piece for these. I planted them in my front garden and in the Spring of 2006, I was rewarded with spectacular tall purple globes! I adored them and the stunning effect they had in my garden. 

A few years ago, our sewer line between the house foundation and the street was severed.  In the Winter. With a ton of icy cold snow  covering everything. The plumbers  had to dig up the entire length of sewer line through our yard. Yep – you guessed it – right through my flower garden.  I was sick about it. The full extent of the damage wasn’t even made known until all the snow had melted. My perennials and bulbs were dug up and there was just a big mess left in its wake. Gone were my beautiful Giant Alliums, amongst a lot of other precious babies. 

This Spring, at least 4 years later, I discovered a few crazy-looking weeds. I immediately began yanking them, and then froze as I had the sudden realization that these just might be my Allium that I thought were long gone! I had only one left standing at this point, and decided to patiently wait and see what this turned into. 

A few weeks went by as I watched this happen:

Welcome home, Allium. I have missed you. Please come back next year and bring all your friends. 🌺

Written by Jennifer Cartledge