It’s amazing how much things change in the garden in a week.  Actually, sometimes the big changes happen just overnight.  Earlier in the week, with our first day of sunshine, I actually witnessed changes in the matter of a few hours as I watched my bean patch go from dirt to a few sprouts popping up to being up about an inch high by the end of the day.  It’s so miraculous, and impossible not to get caught up in the magic of it all.


I have a crazy weed problem in the garden, so those tiny little specs of green are the weeds.  I have to let them get bigger before I yank them – it just makes it that much easier and faster.  That’s why hubby isn’t allowed to pull weeds out here (much to his delight, I’m sure!) – he can’t tell the weeds from the baby veggies.

Here is some of the splendor appearing today.

Pond Iris

img_1253 img_1254


Snow in Summer


I love this Sweet Kate Spiderwort . . . the lime green against the purple is just stunning.

img_1285 DSCN1628

And sitting next to the Salvia makes such a pretty combination.

DSCN1640 img_1249-1 DSCN1629


Remember Old Lady Azalea, who I performed some major surgery on in an attempt to save her? (Her Spinster Sisters didn’t make it and I yanked them all at this point).



Well just look how happy she is after having “a little work done”!



The Wiegela are just beginning to bloom.



My little pink Azalea is really taking off.  This was a gift from my brother-in-law, Mike for Easter several years ago, and she is really starting to thrive in her home.



My Grandma Dogwood (planted in memory of my Grandmother in 2005) started off as a sweet, tiny little 3-4′ tree.  I just planted it without a lot of thought as to where it went.  At the time, we had no deck, no patio, no pond – nothing like it is now.  As it turned out, Grandma Dogwood grew and grew, and turned out to be just perfectly located on the side of our deck, giving us not only beauty  while sitting at the bar on our deck, but privacy too.

Grandma Dogwood is a late bloomer, and is absolutely gorgeous this week.

img_1296 img_1295

I just love her soft, peachy-pink-colored flowers.



The peonies are getting ready to pop, and the bushes are just full of blooms.  We even remembered to stake them properly this year, so hopefully they don’t all fall over with the heaviness of their blooms once they open.


This week’s stunner is the poppy.  After clearing out the bed he’s in, he’s getting so much more sunlight and is really thriving for the first time.  The huge red-orange bloom is just unreal and I can’t stop taking pictures of him.

img_1251 img_1252 DSCN1626


This is my lavender.  Every single year she kills me with worry.  She looks like death, and against my impatient nature, I just try to let her go.  Finally, she is showing signs of life.  She’s such a late bloomer.  I’ll share a picture of her again later in the summer, and you won’t believe she’s the same plant.



Here’s another beauty I was able to sneakily catch a glimpse of.  This is one of the many frogs who live in our pond. It’s not Francisco, or Fernando or Frankie – my original three.  This guy is smaller.  Maybe it’s Felix or Fabian.  I don’t yet know them well enough to tell them apart.



And of course, the most beautiful part of my garden of all . . . my Bear. <3



Here’s the big picture of the back of the house.  It’s so hard to capture this, so forgive my panoramic attempt.  It really looks much better in real life.  Don’t believe me?   Please come by for a garden tour.  Cocktails included. 🙂



Written by Jennifer Cartledge



Just magnificent! Better than a pro landscaper! You two really know how to put it all together! We like our cocktails very cold! XO


I just love your garden. The rocky part reminds me of Mimi’s garden when she lived in Vestal. Also I didn’t know about Grandma Dogwood. She would have loved it and probably does. Love always AJ

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